What is kiiking?

Kiiking is a sport invented and promoted in Estonia, which involves a person making a swing gain increasingly more momentum. The goal is to pass over the spindle with the longest shafts possible.  Kiiking begins when a person’s feet are higher than the head—otherwise it is regular swinging.

First kiiking swing was designed and built in 1993 by Ado Kosk from Pärnu. The development of the kiiking swing as we know it today began in 1996, when the first metal swing with adjustable shafts was installed on the grounds of Sõduri farm in Pärnu. Ado also laid the groundwork for kiiking as a sport, as he was the first to swing around the spindle on a swing with adjustable shafts (in 1996).


Further information can be found on the Estonian Kiiking Federation website.